Quality Lake Highlands Landscaping Services

If you’re looking for a lush lawn, colorful flower beds, a serene water feature, or all of the above, Uncommon Designers is here to help you make your property stand out. Our Lake Highlands landscaping services will help you create a beautiful outdoor space that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

We offer various services in Lake Highlands, Texas, to fit any sized project and budget. From residential lawn installation and design to commercial landscaping and maintenance, we have got you covered. Let us help you make your property look its best today!


Our Lake Highlands Landscaping & Design Services

Our services cater to any home or commercial space in Lake Highlands and surrounding areas. We offer the following services

Landscape Design in Lake Highlands, TX

Our revolutionary approach to landscaping targets the most ambitious residential and commercial landscape design projects in Lake Highlands and surrounding areas. We have the experience and the commitment to making your outdoor space stand out!

A green landscaping design by Uncommon Designers

Outdoor Living in Lake Highlands, TX

An outdoor space should be functional, comfortable, and beautiful. Our eco-friendly approach to outdoor living design makes Uncommon Designers the best choice for your outdoor living projects in Lake Highlands.

Outdoor Kitchens in Lake Highlands, TX

Everyone dreams of having the perfect outdoor kitchen for family barbecues and social gatherings. There is no better way to enjoy the summer than a cookout with people closest to you. We’ll build you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Urban Design

Any Lake Highland developer can benefit from our urban design knowledge. We have decades of experience designing and building urban spaces, using creative frameworks and procedures for any urban project!


An urban design project by Uncommon Designers

Farming Design in Lake Highlands, TX

Uncommon Designers believe in sustainable living. Our farming design services cater to people seeking self-sustaining practices. We’ll tackle everything from the design to the right choice of local produce.
Why Choose Our Lake Highlands Landscaping?

Enhancing Your Lake Highlands Property’s Curb Appeal

We Think Outside the Box!

Uncommon Designers are more than just landscapers; we are professional horticulturists and landscaping artists committed to bringing the most ecologically-forward, unique designs to any home or commercial space in Lake Highlands, Texas. You deserve a beautiful outdoor living space; our quality landscaping company can make that happen!

Why Choose Our Lake Highlands Landscaping?

We are the leading landscapers in Dallas!

Our local Dallas company has decades of experience in the landscaping business. We are committed to our community and deliver an honest and professional job with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Uncommon Designers will adjust to your budget; you won’t have to sacrifice your wallet to have the landscape design of your dreams.

  • 50% discount on the design fee if you hire our recommended landscape contractors.
  • We promote healthy living.

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