University & Highland Park Landscaping – Dallas, Texas

Are you looking for reliable and unique Highland Park landscaping services in the Dallas County area? Uncommon Designers are the best landscapers in the area. With decades of experience handling landscaping design projects, we have gained a reputation as expert outdoor living architects who believe in thinking outside the box.

We offer residential and commercial landscaping design, outdoor living projects, outdoor kitchens, and farming and urban design services all over University Park and Highland Park.

Thinking outside the box is Uncommon Designers’ specialty. Our University & Highland Park Landscaping services are the best in Texas. Call now! :deciduous_tree:

We Take Landscaping to the Next Level

We believe that outdoor and indoor areas must work harmoniously to create functional living spaces for our clients. We use high-quality materials and extensive knowledge of landscape architecture to deliver professional services all over Dallas, Texas. Call (972) 371-9531 today and request a quote or inspection for your landscaping project.

Our University Park & Highland Park Landscaping Services

We offer a comprehensive list of services for both residential and commercial spaces. Landscaping is all about understanding your surroundings, and Uncommon Designers deliver outstanding services at affordable prices. We build gardens, decks, hardscaping elements, outdoor kitchens, sustainable farming elements, and more!

Our services include:


Residential Landscaping

Our residential landscaping is ideal for residences in University and Highland Park. We are the right company for you if you’re looking for eco-friendly and professional solutions for your garden. We specialize in transitional spaces, deck building, pergolas, in-season landscaping, and more!

A green landscaping design by Uncommon Designers

Outdoor Living Design

With the right landscape artist, you can create functional outdoor living spaces that match your home interior. We build decks, patios, living rooms, fire pits, and more in your outdoor areas to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

A green landscaping design by Uncommon Designers

Commercial Landscaping

Businesses and commercial spaces in Highland Park can benefit from our commercial landscaping services. By creating congruent landscaping elements in local businesses (like shopping malls, hotels, and more), we bring harmony to your company and your clients.

A green landscaping design by Uncommon Designers

Outdoor Kitchens

We build high-quality, long-lasting, and budget-friendly outdoor kitchens tailored individually to the needs and vision of our customers. We create outdoor grills, countertops, pizza ovens, outdoor sinks, outdoor bars, fire pits, and storage spaces that fit your style.

Why Choose Us?

With over 40 years of combined experience in landscaping, Uncommon Designers is the highland park landscaping company of choice for all outdoor architecture needs. We have perfected our craft to create invigorating outdoor living spaces and landscapes. When you hire us, you hire seasoned professionals dedicated to providing our customers unique and professional services.

Looking for landscaping in Highland Park, TX? Contact us!

Uncommon Designers is committed to exemplary customer service for the local University Park and Highland Park community. We serve the entire Dallas area! Call (972) 371-9531 today or request a quote. Create the outdoor space of your dreams with our affordable, unique landscaping designs!